Bear Paw 1200Cu plus under windows 7 64

installed bear paw 1200Cu plus drivers under Windows7 64

this is an achievement! bear paw 1200Cu is a very old scanner and so far it was not possible to set up it under win7 64 bit. but now a combination of

1) st install
2) nd install

25 Nov 2014 edit: for now it is possible just to download right driver from here


did it.

maybe just second link was enough ? but anyway after installing both and rebooting ( just rebooting with first one will cause windows crash ) everything works.So I’m able to use this old, but still useful scanner from time to time.

  • julian morris

    Congrats man!! Thanks a lot for this useful tip, I was afraid I was gonna give up my Mustek scanner in order to use Win7 64.

  • http://Respect!!!! Giorgos

    You are incredible!!!!! Congrats and respects !!!!

    Thank you

  • mane

    thanks a bunch!

  • anreheth

    Thank you!! You are pure genius… I was prepared to toss my scanner and buy a new one – YAY!

  • morsmal


    Maybe you should contact the Mustek company and ask them to link to your blog… they still do not have any drivers for win7!


    Thanks again, your soultion works PERFECTLY! :-)

  • Leonard Turville

    Process did not work for me? I get message that scanner is not connected to my computer (windows 7 pro 64 bit). Any suggestions?

    • GM

      Did you had solved it?

  • Khamis

    I have win 7 what should I do with my scanner please give an option I still need to use it

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  • Tomek

    Dude, it works perfectly! Thanks a lot :)

  • Heinrich Graßhoff

    Thank you very much for your helpful advice. I was already prepared to giv my old scanner Bear Paw 1200CU Plus away. Again, many thanks.
    Kind Regards
    Heinrich Graßhoff

  • Mr S Virdi

    PLEASE can you give specific instructions as you say yourself that you cannot remember the order in which you installed the drivers – just the first or 1st one then second?

    Thanks in advance,
    Mr S Virdi

    • admin

      Yes, install first, then immediately ( no reboot ) install second , just installing only one ( either first or second ) will not make a trick, so do as it described

  • Mr S Virdi


    I have tried the above – no luck!

    It just says Scanner not ready when I try to do a scan.

    Finally, should I have connected the usb cable before or after the 2 drivers – as I connected it after. Any advice?

    Mr S Virdi

    • admin

      I see, but I hardly can help here. As you may see – it helped to some folk, but I cannot guarantee it could work for anyone. No I really remember exactly when and how I attached scanner.

      So – just a pity

  • cris

    Thank you very much bro.
    works perfect


    please help! Windows 7 x86 drivers for this scanner from Bearpaw 1200cu Plus MUSTEK. Thank you and hello from ROMANIA!

  • Marko

    Great work! Thanks a lot! Work perfectly on Win 7×64!

  • AKS

    Hi, do you have the FIRST (setup.exe) downloaded and available?. The Mustek link is taking over 1 hr 45 mins to download!!!!. No probs with my internet. Appreciate you help.

    • admin

      Hi, see your email in few minutes, I sent you link to setup.exe copy

      • AKS

        Hi, Managed to complete the download from your original link. The scanner works like a charm on Window7/64 bit.

        Just in case any one is interested, I installed the second link 1st and then First link (setup.exe). Restarted laptop, plugged in scanner, Windows found and installed the drivers, Thanks again for persevering and finding this solution. I am sure it will help many others!. Regards

  • Juerg Steffen

    What a highlight! Without thinking much, just followed your cookbook – and it works!!!!! Would be nice if every installation guide would be so.
    Thanks, Juerg

  • Roman

    In the second link are three files to download.
    Which one should I download?
    Thank you.

  • Nick0so

    thank you for poner this driver in esta web 😀

  • Michel

    Thank you works perfect ! Wonderfull

  • Minyoung

    Thanks a lot!!
    You are a great person for me.

  • Seba

    “Error reading setup intialization file”. When I trying to instal first link. What’s wrong?

    • Sergey Kurdakov

      Maybe a download canceled before a download completed. A file is huge and download is unreliable

    • Sergey Kurdakov

      Though really not sure. Might be something different. I will try it now, wait for a while

    • Sergey Kurdakov

      Managed to install, here is a temp link here
      when you are done with my file , please tell. I will delete

      • Seba

        Yes that was the problem, thanks a lot, everything works fine!

        • Sergey Kurdakov

          Ok fine. File is now deleted

  • Tom van Lint

    Hi Sergey, The Mustek FTP site seems to be down. Do you still have the setup.exe lying around somewhere?
    Thanx in advance!

    • Sergey Kurdakov

      Downloading the file – their FTP works for me, as soon as it is done, will post link here

    • Sergey Kurdakov
  • Tom van Lint

    Got it, thanx. Weird that the ftp site seems to be down at my end. I’ve installed it and rebooted, but when I try to scan it tells me that the scanner isn”t connected. Does it matter that I don’t have the “Plus” version? In device manager the drivers are installed and the scanner is visible. So the web64 drivers seem to be installed.

    • Sergey Kurdakov

      cannot say. It was quite a bit of time that I did not use the scanner, so cannot recall all the details

    • Sergey Kurdakov

      maybe the only way is to have old XP system under VMWare ( there is free version for personal use ) and then use scanner from that environment.

  • DCiep

    Hi Sergey, I run the steps as you said, and it doesnt work “The scanner is not connected” dialog box appears.
    Im trying on a Windows7 64bits OS. Any ideas? Thanks a lot

    • Sergey Kurdakov

      no ideas, sorry,
      the only other alternative I know is to use free VMWARE player and from there ( from winxp ) to use scanner and then copy scanned files from there.

  • Alberto Gerardo Dziewguc

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!… my bear paw 1200cu plus is alive again… thanks to Sergey & AKS too (his suggestions are fine)… If this serve to someone… Install first the second file link (web64.exe), then… install the first file (setup.exe)… Thanks again!.

  • Lon